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Born in Queens New York to a single teenage mother, Vicky was handed over to an orphanage before she could even crawl. Vicky barely knows anything about her absent mother other than her reputation as a graffiti writer and her destructive relationship with drugs. Virtually nothing is known about her father as he was never in the picture. Bouncing from home to home as a child Vicky dealt with a significant amount of mental and physical abuse but at the age of 17 Vicky found out about Widows Peak, a shelter for troubled young women who have nowhere else to turn. Vicky decided to run away from those who once claimed her as family and she has been living with her new sisters at Widows Peak ever since. Vicky, just like her mother is a little rough around the edges. She often finds herself in dangerous situations and places where she definitely does not belong.  Shadowed by the grief of her up bringing she is constantly looking for ways to take control of her own destiny.

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Michael just recently moved out of his parents apartment after getting a job at a tech start up company in Williamsburg. Being from Rockland county Michael didn't know anyone in the area but eventually became familiar with the neighborhood. Now that Michael lives alone, he tends to become desperate for "company" making him impulsive and overbearing. He's quickly developing a reputation for inviting himself to things he has no business being apart of. Tonight is no different.